#ios10 With Built-in Tty Under Phone App


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Mar 12, 2007
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Update iOS 10 for iPhone, you get to see actual TTY software under Phone app. Just add relay service (711), you're able to call anywhere, if you prefer TRS than rather videophone. It's available only for US. Germany, Canada and Australia tried and none is work during different baud, I believe.

See more sample and how to use TTY software on your iPhone

• Remember, 911 operator are still available to use TTY even Text isn't available in area or no high-speed coverage (wireless carrier).

• Good chance that prison would try to reach you, because many place have TTY - No videophone or rare have.

• Rural area are trending have none high-speed, some are fortunately. Don't forget that wireless carrier for high-speed (LTE) is only 35% coverage in America.

• Not all deaf are on 1st language: ASL. Great for Deaf-blind (Usher Syndrome)!

BTW I don't want to hear anyone said "Buttt butttt TTY is outdate!". Remember, We do not have 100% high-speed coverage in America. And there is deaf out there who don't know ASL at all.