Intel i9 12th Gen vs AMD Ryzen 9


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Jul 26, 2016
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Intel i9 vs Ryzen 9

Which one is the best performance and fastest system for gaming and video editing?
It's all depending on how you put it together. If you are looking at store brought laptop or desktop, I would go for Intel i9. if you are going to build desktop, it's all depending on how you pick graphic card, and pick M.2 over Sata drive and such. In the last 42 years I always use Intel.
I build many computers for 20 years. I have intel i9 12th Gen, 32GB DDR ram, two SSD M.2 on Gigabyte Z690 UD DDR4. I have no issues with it. I work my photo and video editing also sometimes games too.
Is that part of your Hobby? Yes I do the same that I do lot of drone video and photo, mostly video. Really what I do for living was IT retired.