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Apr 1, 2003
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We, the moderators, are very well aware that Cochlear Implant issues are VERY controversial and sensitive amongst the deaf community. We do understand the severity of this issue and it do invoke frustrations, anger and the world of negativity in our souls, however We are NOT here to declare war on one's personality, one's experience or one's whatever. We are here to DISCUSS the subject itself.

For example I would express my opinion as:

"I think Deaf child should not have an implant because it doesn't allow that child a freedom to...."

Rather than saying:

"I think you are a misfit because you forced your deaf child to have an implant...."


"your credentials doesn't qualify you to.."

If we see this negative activities continue in any thread, we will start to track users who do that and will start handing out warnings and eventually ban if our warnings are ignored.

We want this place to be a good resource for those who wanted to listen to both sides and to express their experience and to allow unknowns to make a decision on their own rather than to attack them away. We are here to provide the positive image of the deaf culture, not to make it look like a war machine!
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This is a reminder for AllDeafers who may need to revisit the sticky posted a long time ago for discussions that stem from this section. LinuxGold has done a summary in the original post for some of what the moderators look for.

While we welcome constructive discussion, debates, we are also not officials that represent what our users post on A small memo as always, deliberately provoking, deliberately attacking, deliberately harassing other members is not tolerated at all from anyone regardless of any status they hold. When objectionable posts or threads are seen, we will take appropriate action with the necessary response highlighted from the additional forum rules outlined by the Administrator, Alex. If the user has forgotten it, they are encouraged to revisit and refresh themselves. The sections that we notice are frequently relevant to actions applied from this forum category are bolded for convenience.

Here are the basic ground rules that will be enforced on the Forum. First of all, the Administrator and Moderators reserve the right to remove, edit or move posts without explanation. If you have any questions, please contact me at

1.) Members are not allowed to make posts that are discriminating, racist, threatening, hateful, or include links to pornography or warez.

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a.) Excessive quoting
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