Im new to this...


Herzlich Willkommen in AD :thumb:
Lmao!!! :rofl: Catch up girl, because I can be fast, too fast enough for you to catch up. :giggle:

Are you trying to french kissing me? :eek: Good Grief girl, I don't want those members here thinking we are some lebso here. :whistle:

well, there is nothing wrong with lebso :whip: :P
Hey MY FAVORITE SISTER IN THE WORLD!!!! You are full of suprises here!!

Crazymomma ---> :fart: <--- Spoiled Angel

:welcome: to Alldeaf! Have fun browsing and posting! :)
Everyone thinks we are twins.... :giggle: Does it mean another set of twins here...
But it would be sooo nice to have another set of twins in AD....."The famous redish twins? "..:giggle:

Redish twins? Spoiled Angel doesn't have red hair, she is blonde.