I'm a throwback, I think

LOL. I do have a laptop. It has multiple functions that I need, like e-mail, IM's, photo albums, photo-editing, Microsoft Office Word, internet, finances, do research on various subjects, chat, and so on. This laptop I have is 4 years old and still going. I don't have a desktop computer, either.

Oh, of course, I can look up words on dictionaries online! :D
you can get a year contract with unlimited txt. It's only about $30-40 per month. My mom uses Palm Treo. why not?
Awesome! Sounds like something I can get into. :D :ty:

Oh, I love all these emoticons, especially this one: :devil:

Your local deaf service agency should provide you with one if they are anything like California.
Welcome to the Center for Hearing & Deaf Services

This is the website for the Center for Hearing and Deaf Services in Pittsburgh, PA. I'll see if I can find anything more.

DHHS - Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services of Lancaster County

Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services of Lancaster County

Deaf-Hearing Communication Centre, Inc.

Deaf-Hearing Communication Centre, Inc. in Swarthmore, PA

Good research Kristina. She should be able to get what she needs through your links.
If you have high speed internet

There's also the CapTel VoIP phone....

CapTel 800i | Connects to the Internet to show you written captions during your telephone conversations