I really hate ignorant people.


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Feb 22, 2012
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I have to say that I am profoundly Deaf and I really dislike ignorant hearing people who put down Deaf people for no good reason. Lately, I have seen a few posts written by hearing people on the Internet who state that they hate Deaf people.

This gives me the shits big-time. Firstly, most of those ignorant hearing people have had almost no experience with Deaf people, which was certainly proven by the posts that I have read.

Most of them claim that Deaf people are retarded. Um...no. A lot of Deaf people that I know were sent to all-hearing schools or oral schools where there were no interpreters and no access to learning. As a result, I know a lot of Deaf people who are smart, but unfortunately missed out on a decent education due to lack of access. Somehow that fact seems to slip past these ignorant people who scribble out little anonymous posts about "retarded Deaf people."

I've also read a few rants by ROs. Firstly, I always thanked ROs for their help whenever they translated for me. However, after reading all the negative things that they have to say, I am starting to think that maybe I shouldn't have bothered saying "please" and "thank you." This is exactly why I rarely use the service now - I don't like having a third person included in my convos and I'm sure that some other Deaf people don't like it either.

Secondly, Deaf people get plenty of backlash from some hearing people too. Not all of them, of course - just the ignorant ones who couldn't be bothered to try and learn something.

For instance, I went to a mainstream school and attended hearing classes. I had the lovely experience of being bullied by several classmates.

Examples include them shouting in my ear, then laughing at me. I had hearing girls throw basketballs at my head in sport. I had an English teacher call me a nuisance because I did my work quickly and was more advanced than my class. If I got into trouble for something, then I was told that I got off easy, just because I was Deaf. I was also bullied by several hearing teachers and even a few of the hearing staff from the Deaf unit, if you can believe it.

I also had some hearing teachers take it upon themselves to report every single thing that I said and did. For instance, we once had a birthday cake for someone in class who was having a birthday and I offered someone a slice of cake. When they refused, I said, "Are you sure? It's good cake." My hearing head teacher then proceeded to shout at me and tell me I was hassling that student. Prick. He actually made a report of that incident and presented it to the principal.

I was also good friends with a very nice hearing girl in my year. We wrote letters as our means of communication. One day, she lost one by mistake and my bitch of a English teacher found it and handed it to the principal who read it and then proceeded to tell both of us off about it - not the content, but for writing the letter? I have to say that I wondered - why is it that hearing students are allowed to have private conversations while I was not?

As for the comments about all Deaf people getting social security checks? Hello? Hearing people get social security checks too and I don't see these hearing posters bitching about them. I do not get social security because I have a job.

Job opportunties are sometimes limited for Deaf people because of communication access. However, the majority of Deaf people I know work and have steady jobs. So I don't know where people get this "all on social security checks" crap from. Lack of intelligence and research on their part, obviously.

I have also had names like "bitch," "dumb," "stupid" and what have you said to me by hearing people that I didn't even know. My Deaf friend who worked in Graphic Arts for years had hearing people take the credit for her work and blame their mistakes on her continously.

I am NOT going to apologise for seeking equal access for Deaf people. I am not going to apologise for asking for better services. End of story.

The positive side of this is that I have 2 great best friends who are hearing and I talk to them almost every day. I have also met some great hearing people in various places.

To those hearing people - thank you for taking the opportunity to talk to me and get to know me. It was much appreciated.

To the stupid haters who write anonymous posts about how much they hate Deaf people and repeat the same tired old arguments about social security and Deaf people being retarded over and over again, you are truly pathetic and I feel sorry for you if you have nothing better to do than spread hate around.
You go, girl!...Said it just like it is!...It's refreshing to see a "young, fresh horse" pick up the fight.

I'm late-deafened, and still have my speech. And have been privy to many hearies saying that the majority of the Deaf are Retarded, even some of my own family saying this. We can either stand up, correct all these misconceptions about the Deaf, or continue to get knocked down.
I have thought and this seems unfair!!

What if I told everyone that I wanted to turbocharge a 1991 Oldsmobile Silhouette??? People would say that Derek is deaf and stupid. If he wants to go and turbocharge a Silhouette, he can do it because he is deaf and dumb.

But what if a hearing person wanted to turbocharge this same Silhouette?? People may tell hey, that is cool!! I'm behind you. Go and pull this cool stunt!!

Sigh.......... life is unfair sometimes!!
Waaa,waaaa,waaa. Seriously, stop feeling so sorry for yourself and just worry about yourself. You will feel much better. That's all. :) I dont get any accommodation for my deafness and that is very hard to deal with but I dont complain about it. Sometimes, I feel like I have Alzheimers. If you're stuck on mute,it's your problem not theirs and that's how it is.

EDIT: I will admit people are against deaf people b/c thats how it is and there are people care about deaf people. Sucky people do take advantage of us like playin mind games with us. They know how to manipulate and we dont. They can communicate without talking. We dont. Maybe that is why some hearing guys love deaf girls. :dunno: If they dont give a F about you b/c you is deaf, dont give a F about them b.c they aint worth the time. They aint better than us and their shit stinks,too. If they stare at you, stare back. :lol:
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Ummm...I actually don't feel sorry for myself at all. I am who I am and that's fine by me.

My point was simply that I don't like hearing people making judgments when they don't know Deaf people or haven't done their research. That's it.

My point was there are rude people out there, but it has nothing to do with being hearing or Deaf. Simple as that.
As a person who is deaf i take offense too what Deaftim wrote, quote "Sometimes, I feel like I have Alzheimers. If you're stuck on mute,it's your problem not theirs and that's how it is." Sure when you are dealing with innocent ignorance, people who want to be kind and treat others as equal but through lack of education and exposure but not when it is coming from pure dislike for a group of people or culture and yes there are many people who take advantage of people with "Alzheimers" i guess it is their problem the ones who are inflicted right. when well everyone take a stand against prejuice in any form and not allow people to walk over others just because "it is how it is" thank you

Well Said

I agree with your assessments. I had the same 'confrontations' in school...and sometime still do to this day even though I am in college. I only went to an oral school till pre-k, and then mainstreamed for two years. Ever since, I have been the only deaf person in my schools...and learned the hard way: "A true friend will treat you like a true friend and look beyond the 'cover.'" Otherwise, just ignore em'
When they discover the center of the universe, a lot of people will be disappointed they are not it.
Understanding how you feel about this.

Happen to me sometimes but I have to do is cool myself down when hearies were talking too much which annoying me! They did not realize that I am full deaf that I can not read the lips very well. But I always carry the notes with me most time.
Yeah, MissTraverse....I just learned what I read today that really pissed me off as well as other deaf people that some politician guy named Karl White said that we Deaf people (parents) do not know how to take care and what is the best for their Deaf child. Ooooo really wanted to grab his balls and twist it with C-clamp tool.