I have some make suggestion about this forum


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May 20, 2003
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1.) According to the Penisarium thread can have a special accessible for to prevent minor ages. Or do we have a special adult age up to 21 years old can access the penisarium thread with our special password?

2.) I'm wondering if the Webmaster of this can create a Health and Legal categories? I looked all over for Health and Legal categories but could not find one.

3.) I notice the General Discussion thread become more complication because we were not sure which thread should we post a new thread to debate like books, legal relates to criminal, family, child support, Parental custodial, divorce, visitor right, etc… And also, the health category would be a good for us to feedback and experience of our medical issues.
Wonder if anyone of you make any suggestion? We have different opinion and perpsective to see or concern ?
well the penisarium is what it is-- there's no nudity really-- just the language and sometimes links... its enter at your own risk kind of venture.
Originally posted by illustrator
I don't want to turn this forum into medium porn.

no thank.

Good!!! porn bored me already! who care about PORN????
thanks for the site kuifje75

I did not see this thread until now. :D
To be off point here, I would suggest that when posting a post or to post a PM, I would suggest that subject be checked first before the process to confirm for receipt read by another user. It would be "less" annoying and more "professional."

Overall, AllDeaf really and truly define what "Corporate Image" is all about. Neat and to the point design.