How do I expose my signing toddler to deaf culture?


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Feb 28, 2014
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Im deleting this post because in my own research I have found that the fact that hearing families with hearing children embrace a limited form of ASL, hearing families with deaf children tend to avoid ASL and any exposure to signing at all cost for fear their child will never learn to "communicate" or sound "normal". I am very disheartened both by that common response to deaf children, as well as the generalizations of hearing families. If my children were deaf, I would still embrace ASL. But because the issue has caused a lot of harm for those growing up deaf, I decided to leave it alone, and continue to teach the limited form of ASL I have access to, so that my children can choose for themselves if they want to pursue ASL, at least to the extent of understanding how to be more respectful to people with different capabilities.
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