HOH going Deaf, looking for friends and signing buddy


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Apr 16, 2013
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Hi, my name is Tina. I am a Hard of Hearing student and I am losing my hearing due to Meniere's disease. I am currently learning ASL again, but do not have anyone to converse with. I would like to become part of the Deaf community, and become fluent. Can anyone help me?:wave:
Thank you! I will be sure to look into this. I am alsp not sure where I can go to meet other deaf or HoH in my neighborhood. I live in fort worth, tx.
The only places if you can find are in the interpreted services in the churches if available. You can try to find one church in the phone directory. Or if you can ask the Texas Hearing Society to connect for you to go into Deaf events where they sign. There might be Deaf bowling somewhere and other places if you just look around to find where Deaf people hang out. How long have you been living in Texas? :hmm:
I was born here, and I did not think of that thanks. I remember seeing Deaf people in high school.
I got to UNT. But Denton is far from where I live, and most of my friends are hearing, and don't know sign language. I think they get irritated with me because I cannot hear them. Some understand, some don't.
I can practice on skype if you have time. I live in Hawaii -- which I think is 5 hours behind you... but my skype name is erika.austin7
I am just starting out and learning from websites online.
Thank you Smithtr - I am actually doing the ASLU (from your link) - I started on Monday and I am on the 9th lesson already! I have already started using it with my son and I can tell a difference! He is only 2 years old - but seems so much happier and started using basic signs himself too! I went to a deaf, hard of hearing, and hearing community meeting where people were telling their life stories and meet a lot of people there that are willing to teach me as I go too and the best part is - it is around people that will be able to talk to my son too!
I really like Life Print for those of us who can't fully go into a course due to financial reasons but still want to learn, I love that it gives you that option to just start learning.

Anyone who wants to practice let me know. I do know enough to carry on a conversation but I still don't feel fluent enough yet and would love a few practice buddies.