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Aug 4, 2023
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My name is Leslie. I am actually a hearing person, but my boyfriend is deaf. We have been together for 18 months and I’ve been trying to learn ASL to make it easier for him. With his hearing aid he can somewhat hear a little but main reads lips. Does anyone have any suggestions on the best place for me to learn? I’ve tried some apps, and online “courses” but I do not do well with online training. I have never been exposed to the deaf community before I met him and I have learned so much. Thank you in advance for any ideas for me
Hey there Miss....my name is Darrell Graves, I am a retired disabled veteran....I lost my hearing due to a military accident.....I need a practice partner.....I have been using YouTube for study....Dr. Bill Vicars is really good....and many others also....I am slow, but still trying....I lip read and use an app on my phone to transcribe spoken words into text for me to read....it helps, but I need to be able to communicate better with others in the deaf community....I have Zoom, if you would like to practice what we have learned from wherever....I am game!

D.Graves (Uncle D)