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Aug 19, 2022
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Hi. I am looking for assistance for a friend that is deaf and homeless looking for housing assistance or any resources that I can pass on to him. I am not deaf and the way that I communicate with him is thru texting on the cellphone back and forth. I know that there is a huge deaf community out there because my step brother was 100 % deaf and had so many deaf friends that he had met in the deaf community. Unfortunately he is no longer with us so I cannot ask him for help with my friend. Is there anyone that you can recommend to someone that is deaf and homeless or any resources that I could pass on to him. He doesn't have any family and it would be nice if he could meet other deaf people or anyone that could recommend a program or a resource that could help with him being homeless to get out of that situation and also friends in the deaf community. He seems to be alone. Thank you!
There are usually housing programs in a person's area. You could look for them and assist him in the process? I live in Missouri and help people find housing through my job. There is usually a county office for resources for people that are Deaf or Blind. I would start googling and find where they are in your area. I'm glad you're trying to help him but we don't have a lot to go on from your post.