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Jun 19, 2014
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Hi my name is Hannah wasn't born deaf but became deaf when i was 3 due to an accident all 7 of my brothers are DEAF and so is my father i'm looking to make friends.
Well at least you live in the right place! You should be tripping over other deaf people right and left.
hahah thanks everyone and Bottesini what im usualy tripping over are baby chinchillas

lots of Deaf peeps live in austin texas. im sure you already know that. ha

My girlfriend tried to convince me to move there.. eh..
Holy deaf, 7 deaf brothers AND deaf father? I think you don't need any more deaf friends :D
hahahhaa trust me i do and as it is i only have one hearing friend who knows Sign Language
welcome Hannah! my grandma in Florida and I are both deafies (same with my dad's deceased mom and now my crazy mom lol)
hello! i was born hearing and became deaf when i was a baby. :)
hi everyone and cool i became deaf when i was 3 by getting shot ps dont get shot it hurts a lot