Hello from the hills of western Mass.

Bradual Hoss

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Apr 3, 2023
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Hi all. I'm 64, and have been HH since my 30's, my mom and my 4 sibs all have various degrees of HL. Profound loss right side (at least in those helpful mid uppers) and moderate to severe (uppers getting bad) in left, so I've been dependent on aids for a couple of decades now. Anyway I'm here to discuss hearing aids, (my current frustration with them etc.) provide support for those HH people who are just starting to deal with hearing loss, and learn/hang. My wife is a rusty sign language user, (taught in a mixed age deaf classroom as a college student) I've been to a couple of great deaf events and love deaf culture, but few connections as we live in the boondocks. Hey! from beautiful Franklin county, Massachusetts, all.