Hello everyone :))


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Mar 9, 2023
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Hey all :) My name is Clemence. I am a design student in my third year of uni in London and I'm currently working on a project relating to sign language, specifically BSL, and the deaf community. I started learning BSL about a month ago because it has been something I've thought about doing for a while (I'm still very much a beginner) and I decided to do my final design project at uni on encouraging others to learn sign language too! This is a bit random but I was wondering if anyone would be willing to chat with me about it and maybe answer a couple questions about their experience with sign language (even if you don't speak it). You can contact me via email (clemence.anne.fayard@gmail.com) or LinkedIn (Clemence Fayard) if you prefer, I would be infinitely grateful for the help and I look forward to meeting you guys :)