Hearing women dating deaf/HoH men


Please, be aware capitals are like shouting, ok.

There's plenty of deaf men out there, you only needs to see with your eyes, okay. Or organisations, or deaf clubs, who knows what, in your local areas.

No worries.
Oh Sallylou you are so right and that word applies from the very beginning and ppls ability to adapt to change..ok, I was hearing then 7 yrs ago became deaf. Now I lip read really well and like Alex said get complimented on my good listening skills when I am really trying my best to catch every word by lip reading, this is when I date hearing men. For some reason they love my voice i can't hear myselfso who knows.. BUT and this is a big but (not mine) laughing...I notice I get ticked after a time because the hearing guy takes me out with his friends and I am expected to just blend right in. Now I am not a shy person and since I speak perfectly I can catch a word or two while a group are speaking and join in...they never know..here is the but, after some time my feelings change about not having my date clue me in on what I missed..(everyone is laughing but me???) sorta thing. I have also dated HOH and deaf men....both were successful career types and they were so interested in how I functioned so well being deaf, keep in mind my signing is poor...ok so..then with both of them there came a change...one wanted to
write everything down for me..UGH and it annoyed me and I asked them to please just speak to me..both spoke so that I could read their lips...the other guy who was completely deaf was agitated because I was not a good signer and after about 6 months he told me i was an embarrassment to him and just to damn much trouble...so I would agree it really is not if they are deaf or Hearing it is more who that person is..are they patient, attentive, are you both at the same intelligence level? and sooner or later Love will find a way
See I gotta believe that because a year ago I was attacked and had a traumatic Brain Injury I am almost back to normal...with a few limitations one being I can not remember or retain some information and wouldn't you know it my ASL is gone and as much as I try to relearn...nothing..so...I will be ready to date again soon but I am trusting that the right man will meet me and appreciate me for all that I do have to offer in a relationship..I still speak well and can still read lips so...we will see...I know I have adapted to my change..if I hadn't I would still be a victim of it...and so it goes...

I'm sorry you was attacked and suffered a brain injury. The only recommendations I would recommends is StemEnhance, which helps my body heals my injured shoulder couple of years ago, but it helps everything in the body, long as I keeps taking it, so it's great, that's all I know about it. Other than going on raw foods and I doubt you'd be interested in raw foods, (mainly fruits and vegies, nothing cooked, just RAW, blended in vitamix blenders, like green smoothies, etc...), good stuff, nutrients whole, not destroyed by cooking, etc... but then, it's up to you. Mostly I'd recommends StemEnhance as it helps quickly, as raw foods takes longer to adapt the body to and detox old cooked stuff out of the system, etc... heaps of info about it out there, just google or scroogle keywords, and you'll find them, no worries.

As for communicating with people, deaf or hearing, we all adapt, somewhat, it's all ebbing and flowing, accomodating each other and making room to understand each other, and making it light, not heavy, light to enjoy each other... sometimes it tries our patience, but it's good to tests patience and develop strong patience and thick skin, such as it is.

Life ain't no bed of roses, but it can me enjoyed when it's understood and with mindfulness by going with the flow... that kind of thing, I guess.

No worries okay. It's all good! :thumb:
I see nothing wrong dating a deaf or HOH man. I've wanted to but never tried to because I never came across one through the years lol.

I would think it would be nice to have someone who understands you in ways a lot of other hearing people couldn't.

But what I think it is with hearing women is some are just very narrow-minded and expects their ideal man to be perfect in every way. Those are the judgmental women I can't stand.

Can't judge a book by its cover, someone can be beautiful on the outside but ugly inside.

That's it, exactly. I met those heaps of time. I see the look and I knowed they've just judged me without even getting to know me first. So I passes them over. I find them so repuslive, these judgemental types... they repells me.

My ex, she tried so hard to mould me into the shape and type fo her dead deaf boyfriend, who died of a heart attack, second one actually, in his sleep, and he was a pothead, a beer drinker, and worries so much, I knew he made himself sick... (sighs)... the way it was told to me, she felt like he betrayed her, but that hurts, so she block it out of her mind with drugs and booze, and of course, waking up next to his cold body, so it made her act like that, running away... I didnt' know all this, it took me years to piece it all together... (sighs)... if I had known beforehand, I'd never agreed to be a "partner" for her, to carry her baggage and all that horror... in any case I learned a harsh lesson, a valuable lesson, which costs exactly seven years of my life to learn... Never lie down with a woman who have more troubles than you! I actually know this truism, but... I was naive, and I walked into the relationship with my eyes wide open and my mind's full of illusiions... no doubt she helped, seeing that I was not really seeing what she's really is. (sighs)... So when I refused to play along with her wish to mould me into her dead boyfriend, she felt I rejects her. I simply wants to be ME, no one else. I have no wish to act out out her fantasies or whatever sick ones she had... So I get years of hell from her... So I know that women are not perfect and that what they looks like is not a reflection of what they're really like inside their minds, hearts, souls... some are very sick... some are very deranged... some are psychopathic... some are sociopathic... some are autistic... some are.. this or that...

So I have no wish to meet any of these... I hopes to meet a well-adjusted normal woman who have no sick hangups of any kind in her heart, mind, souls, etc...

(sighs)... It's all good, though, good to learn this and be careful of women, for they are very clever with their camouflages, pretty and yet rotten underneath. I wish you'd know easily how rotten they really are by the smell, but there's no way for sickness to smell... it's all in their heads... only method is to watch them and check off as many checklists as possible, good or bad, if too much good, great! If too much bad, RUN!

That's about it, I guess.
I have an idea why. Several years ago, a sister of a friend who was contracted to design a new hearing aid (she's a product designer) did a blind survey of hearing people's reactions to the sound of a deaf person speaking. Assumptions they made based on hearing that recording.

By far, women, when asked if they would want to have a conversation with a deaf person who spoke that way, they said no because they are uncomfortable about speaking with someone who sounded "retarded". Women are, by nature, communicators and they tend to be far more judgemental of someone who is not speaking clearly or is not able to keep up with what they're saying, either in social groups,, telephones, etc etc. The majority of the women who answered the questionnaire - admitted they would not go out of their way to befriend someone who can't hear and doesn't speak that well.

Men, on the other hand, they were much less judgemental.

Maybe that explains why all my childhood friends were boys. I was bullied the most by girls, not boys.

Wow... that's eye-opening stuff! :jaw: That makes a lot of sense. Such "perfect" women thinks they're above "retarded" deafs, fine, they LOSE!!!

Hell... I get asked if I was from overseas, I got such thick accent, and yet it's not. When I was a kid, I spoke with a lilt... maybe it's still there, I don't know... I hardly speak, except when I have to, and I speaks clearly, very well, but most times I don't speak, why bother? I mostly sings and shouts songs with my mp3 player, when I know no one's home, eh eh eh...I loves it... rocking loudly... it's fun.

Oh well. I wish I could find a rare gem like you herebouts... never mind.

It's all good, thanks for your anecdotes, I aprpeciates it. :thumb:
So, it is very common for HOH and deaf guys to be single,right? If so,I wish most people would understand that.

I remember in my teen yrs,this girl really liked me but she made fun of my grammar. I dont have perfect grammar. She pretty much changed her feelings about me. Fookin' women! We did made out,tho. She pretty much denied it. I do think hearing women are embarrassed to be with a deaf guy b/c they probably think they can do better. They are afraid to be seen with a deaf guy. It is so stupid!

I am single and now I see why. Thanks for explanations. I never really have female friends and a lot of ppl dont understand why. It is not my choice to not have female friends. It is how life is,for deaf guys like me. So, I get judged. I ask God,why is it like this. Life is so weird.

I have to go to strip club when I want some female company and touching. I am 34,today and dont go very oft3n.

I think I deserve nothing but happiness but it doesnt work out that way. I guess I say fuck the world. :lol:

Right on! I'm same as you, single for seven years now, had only one deaf girlfriend, almost married her, but I was lucky... but it makes my heart aches, thinking I'll never have a family, never be true to my woman, never be real father to living children of my own flesh... so I give up looking, just focus on what makes me happy, enjoy life more, no more miserable just because of one thing: woman. I dont' need women to be happy, man! I AM happy just by myself and it takes a while to understand that. I'm also working on my home-based business, trying to make it work, and really, that depends on talking with people, so when I get ready to do that I'm going in a blaze of glory... well, tests first, here and there, see how it goes, baby steps by steps, eh... Keep trying, no matter what. Yeah, I'm on pension, so what. I'm grateful for it, even though I hated it, also. I invests the pension into this home-based business, as well as books and stuff that I'm interested in, self-improvements, that kind of thing.

Women, all they cares about money, and they forgets what the money is for. Money SHOULD be an enabler, not an ends in itself. That's their BIGGEST sin. They'd argue about this and that, about money, and I'd asked, save it up, can be done, yet they don't wanna do the discipline thing, they wants it NOW... like little girl having a fooking tantrum... amazing ain't it! No patience, no discipline, no wonder women are SPOILED, their sense of entitlement are so out of this world, they're like PSYCHOS, obsessed with money and willing to rip men off to get it. They never figures out why they acts like that, why they acts like predatory females, it's horrible to see. Even deaf women are not immune, my ex was like that... She got three payments and yet she still drains my bank account... so I had to be tough on her, and hide money, I was lucky, very lucky... I managed to save a bit.

I learned that discipline is what men had to learn, women are too lazy about it, so men had to take care of everything, while women just lays their and orders men around like slavemasters...

Maybe I shouldn't bother with women anymore, because I have to think of the risk... I dont' want to end up with a wife who'll order me around and acts like she's the queen of the universe and that's a horrible thing, seeing her become fat and ugly and mean and tight-fisted... I dont' want that.

So I'm cautious... very very cautious.

I figrures it this way, I want anything, I saves up, and get it. No big deal. But for women, they acts like spiders, they prettied themselves up, they traps men, they get the men to pay for whatever they wants, and then when they're ready, they get another men, throw out the old one, and then keeps on draining the new men dry, and repeat the same process, over and over and over... true predatory females, that's what they are. And that's what my ex was.... I'm so glad I never went back... she was ugly, now that all that drugs, booze, and smokes dried her up like a barren bitch from hell... sure, she regretted it all, the mistakes, etc... sure, but it was HER OWN FAULT, she DID IT TO HER SELF... just like all these money-grubbing bitches from hell are, it's their own fault, they'll not wake up until years later... I had a couple of older ladies friend, from UK and US, and they told me, they regretted their young days, being too stupid, too self-involved in their own predatory ways... it's so sad... Sure, when they wised up, they was nice, we had great chats and everything, even wants to be with me, but I said no. I want younger woman so I can be sure of having kids of my own, but other than that, I won't risk their health... babies for 50 to 60 year old women are not good for their health, even if they can afford doctors and all that.

I want a normal family but I won't do it until I am very sure I can trust the woman. I'll be on guard for as long as it takes. One mistake, and I'm gone, just like that. I do not care a damn if we're tied or not. Trust is the key. Predatory women thinks they can be queen of the universe, but they forgets, not everything revolves around them, they're not the centre of the universe. If they want true love, trust is the key, they better play their part, never give in to lust and have unfatifhulness with someone other than their husbands... or it'll be the street for them. This is how it is. Men wants trust, yet women betrays that trust over and over and over... so out they goes. No more second chances.

Money is supposed to make life easier, to help with chores, etc... to enable things to be done. Not as an end in itself... not to be worshipped, for it is stupid.

Women are so nutty, they takes years to grow up and when they do, they're too fucking old. Sheesh.

What's the point? It's the illusions the women fills their heads up with... status and all that crap... fucking cinderella and snow white rubbish... it's all that crap stupid people feeds their children with, most especially girls, fills their heads with nonesense that they too can be princesses... that there are princes out there comign to take them away to a blissful life... of what? I asks. No such thing as bliss, it's so idiotic... It's a wonder how women function at all. Poor saps, lost in their own hellish illusions, taking years to realise that all that fantasies got them NOWHERE.

They'll have to learn the hard way. Just like the men did. But we men learned early on. Strange, ain't it.

Oh well. No worries. This is all good.
You'll be single forever if you think this way of the women. You shouldn't lump all of the women into the same category.
All couples. She didn't really clarify all the demogaphics and factors, it was a general remark based on her observations that most of her deaf friends that were in long term relationships with hearing people are now single again. I have had only hearing boyfriends and for the most part, they were cool about dating a deaf woman except when we were in a social setting like at a dinner party where everyone is talking and I'm quiet because I just can't keep up and I don't like interrupting people to ask them to repeat themselves. Then I would see people giving my boyfriends looks like "why is she here?" Then my boyfriends would be uncomfortable about that and I could tell they were silently agreeing with their friends that it was awkward having me around. Then I would stop being invited out to more dinner parties with them. That sucks. So, it made me realize that I would probably be more comfortable dating a deaf man or a CODA. I don't want to be with someone who feels uncomfortable dealing with my deafness in certain situations.
So, if anyone knows a nice single deaf man, I'm single! Just saying!

Oh yeah, that makes sense.

I never had a hearing girlfriend, it's too hard. Sure, there's one just the other week, who surprised me with a "thankyou" sign when I paid for my purchases, but I wasn't sure if she was wanting to date me or not. She was shy, I think. But the way I feels, I don't trust women, even after all these years... I just want to fix my life the way I likes it, and be on an even keel when I meet a woman and be in control, not her... that way i'd know if she's right for me, not the other way around.

I have my eye on the future of possibilities... single, bachelor... or biblical marriage, with possible children, if I'm lucky. If not, bugger it all, then. I'll just enjoy my single life, be a kid forever, enjoying whatever I like.

Event though at times I do miss being with a woman (in a general way), feeling her hands, feeling her next to me, feeling her hug, cuddles, kisses... feeling all that. Sure, I feels a bit empty, a place in my heart that's missing, waiting for the right woman to fill it.... one day... as it is, I am more careful as I have no wish to end up with the wrong types... so I am wary, with an eye on the one thing I know for sure is the right one, a biblical woman, a rare gem, that's all I know for sure.

With my ex, I had no control, she took all control and I had to go along for the ride, adapted as best as I could, and it wore me out, stressed me out... the only useful things I have learned is that I know I can look after kids, I looked after her kids, and I know I am a good man, I have learned to disliked her lifestyle of lies, drugs, booze, etc... (sighs)....

Pity you're over there... too far to see if we can "clcik" or not. Oh well, doesn't matter, nice to meet ya, and no worries!
FWIW, my husband used to be the quiet one when we were at dinner parties where he didn't know people. Had nothing to do with hearing; he's just naturally quiet and isn't one to shoot his mouth off and be the center of attention in a group. I'm the more gregarious one.

It's fine having one of each in a couple. Maybe with the right guy, he won't care that you tend to be on the quiet side in a large group. Or maybe the two of you can change your socializing to be more with small groups.

It's interesting to see how couples adapt to each other's little quirks and idiosyncracies over time. Every couple has to do that to some extent.

I agree. My ex's was obsessed with that kind of stupid partying and "talking" endlessly over silly stuff. It bored me to tears. It's the wrong group for me, but it's okay for her, she's of the pub crowd, boozy and all that crap. I call it, redneck lowbrow type of crowd, no brains... (sighs)...
I find this very, very interesting. Then again, I wouldn't mind dating a Deaf man. I don't see Deafness as a disability at all... in fact, I think Deafness can actually be considered an Ability... since Deafies don't spend all of their time talking over people and are able to pick up on more subtle visual clues.

Thanks!!!!! Much appreciated!!! One thing we deafies are better at, being able to be FOCUSED on tasks, and getting it done, instead of gossiping and wasting the company's time... I seen that happens in some workplaces... I was surprised the hearings would do that, gossips every half-hour or so... how weird is that? We deafies finish works, go home, meet up and chats for hours... with FOCUS, (chuckles)... and long goodbyes, too... (chuckles)....

(sighs)... I don't know why the hearings don't find us so valuable, thinking we're liabilities yet we have so much STRENGTHS, they have NO IDEA... only the few of you hearings are just understanding these... it surprises you, some of you, when you got to know us... Ability, I like that.

I'm working on my Starscapes, fixing up flyers, etc... and getting ready to go out there in the big bad world, to SHOW people what Starscapes is all about, in homes, hotels, trucks, caravans, etc... stargazing from your bed, how's that would be for you? It'd be great. I stargazes every night before I close my eyes and falls asleep.

I noticed that hearing people are not calling me up, based on tests I did, I put up posters locally, and not one call... though I saw there was three or four stips of my phone number taken, but not one call, so I had to think a different way... meet them on their turfs, talk to them directly, SHOW them the demo boards, show them what it looks like in the dark of their homes, so they can see I mean BUSINESS, no games... and when they buys my products, they'll tell everyone they knows, show it off to their friends and families, etc.. then the ball will gets rolling... I just hve to find the right customers who says it's not that expensive... most I know are low-paid and thus would say it's too expensive, sheapskates!!! (chuckles)... so I have to find the right market, the right people, then I can get through, same way I have to find the right woman out of the drab crap of women out there... its' all TRIAL and ERRORs, that's basically is all there is it.

Oh well. No worries. It's all good.
Most women listen to music. So if you can't hear music and sing with them is a huge deal-breaker to them. I know, it is silly.

I loves singing. My ex's daughter says I sings good, even if I don't sings words, just some words... it matters not, just the feeling from my heart... and singing makes me feel good.

Talk to me!
Talk to me!
Talk to me!
I'm hearing and a DJ, so music is a big part of my life. My girlfriend is deaf and this isn't an issue for me in any avenue of my life. Yes, I did randomly one day think about if her hearing loss progressed to total loss and how that would make me feel if she could never hear me DJ or hear me in general. It saddened me for sure, but at the same time not once did it cross my mind that I would leave her because of that.

I'm not with her and in love with her for reasons like hearing me and my DJing. I love her for all the amazing natural chemistry we share and many other reasons.

I think if someone broke up with you because of your deafness, it's a cop out. It's like dating someone and then breaking up with them for their hair colour. Maybe it's just me, but that's how I view this kind of stuff.

That's cool! It's like breaking up when your love suddenly got sick and had to have a toe amputated or a finger, or an arm.... or a tooth extracted, that, to me, is the worse thing... for it tells me she's so SHALLOW and CONCEIT, she rather be a whole man than be with a real man who lost a bit of his flesh or whatever. Here's what Jesus says about it, better to lose one thing from our body than be whole AND in hell... so that's tells me the truth. Apparences is not important, deafness or hearing, that's not important, being "perfect" in some Nazi way is not important... what's important is what's inside all of us, a couple who loves each other in spite of defects, are absolutely perfect! As for the so-called "perfect" couple who are blazingingly "beautiful", yet are SHALLOW, HOLLOW, or DEVOID of any real substance inside them... they're POORER for their "perfection". So i know I stay away from so-called "perfect" morons who doesn't know any better. Poor saps.
there was a guy who flirted with me every time we were at the same cafe. One day I told him I'm deaf and he said he was a musician and as such, can never date a deaf girl, got up and walked away. I still see him around sometimes in the neighbourhood but whenever he tries to say hello to me, I pantomime I can't hear him.
Yet my last boyfriend who I dated for two years, he was the coolest nicest guy and he's a country music singer :)
Everyone's different.

Wow, that flirty guy is sure a loser! No brains. Good thing you do that every time you sees him.

Country singer, yeah, I'm glad he's a better bloke than the last one.

It's true, everyone IS different, no two the same, ever.
I am hearing. I met my (now ex) online. I didnt know he was almost deaf until we talked on the phone... his speech was different.. then he finally told me. I accepted it. He came from East coast to West coast to live with me. We made a baby, then we broke up. The hearing or non hearing didnt play a big role in our day to day lives... but one thing that angered me about him, is he would NOT teach me sign so i could use it with our baby... he said wait til he is 2 or so...So anyway, i am currently interested in finding a HoH or Deaf bf. However, im in no rush ;)

that's some bad break you got there. He's an idiot, too. Kids benefits from signs, it's proven! Get to a class fast, you can learn from books, use anything... it's great to signs sometimes, speak, it's mixtures that works for me... when I was a kid I speaks a lot, but it was had to connect spoken words with written words, so signs helps me, and it all blends together... I'm a bookworm myself, I loves books, I loves most genres... ah well.
When a person keeps doing something he/she doesn't like just to make another person happy, that person grows to resent the other person. Better to find someone very compatible so that you can do a lot together. And secure so that there's no jealousy when one person wants to do something alone (because the other person doesn't participate).

Agreed. This is perfect sense. Better not be involved in "dating", etc. Just be friends with women, check them out, see if they fits, if not, then move on... better steer clear of predatory women, okay, just look for safe women who are normal with normal interests, hobbies, etc... no worries.
I know a lot of hearing women who are interested in deaf men. They are more in tune to what the girl needs. They can read her better than a hearing man in my opinion.

I have never actually dated a deaf man, but jumping around on this site I have read a lot about the dating and such.

Really? These hearing women who are interested in deaf men, they exists? I highly doubts it. I have advertised myself on so many crappy "dating" sites, I ever get a bite... all I met are OLDER women, wise women sure, but they're TOO OLD for my needs, damn it. I want to make a family, and yet, no offers. So why bother? It's so pointless.

I figures it out, though. The're like my ex, likes drugs and booze and I do not, so they're not interested in me, and of course, I don't stand for bullshit, so of course they're not interested in me, for they likes bullshit a lot. (sighs). So it's pointless.
It wasn't their deafness, but I think a HUGE HUGE part of it is the fact that a lot of dhh kids are mainstreamed to the max, and may never develop the social emotional development experiance it takes to reconize a crappy realtionship. They're just so nutured to expect a realtionship that, they jump into a realtionship with ANYONE no matter how crappy. And they're also so lonely (they may not even have causal friends) that they think of crappy realtionships as good. I know one hoh mainstreamed to the max girl who married a coke/pot/brake fluid abuser who was mentally abusiver to her. He even told her that if he killed her nobody would ever find the body! :eek3: But she stayed with him b/c he was " just so sweet and love is blind"
Then I know another hoh mainstreamed to the max girl who is in a series of crappy realtionships. She reconizes that they're crappy...I've seen her posts on facebook a lot. I was talking to her online one time. She said she was at McDonold's with her "boyfriend". I asked her why she wasn't talking to him
She said he doesn't like to talk to her?!?! Hooboy!!!!!!!!! It boils down to the fact that they never got to develop socially or emotionally as kids or teens, so they cannot reconize good realtionships.

Oh, that's sad.

It makes sense, they'll do anything to not be alone, they hates being alone... so they misses out on what aloneness means, it means self-reflection, it means exploring yourself on a deep level, it means KNOW THY SELF!!! And they rather pass over this, prefering to stay in crappy relationships with drugged up morons who knows no better... poor women... it's their own faults, if they want, they can walk out and find a better life, but no, they CHOOSE to day there with their deadbeat morons! They made their choice!!!!

So what if they calls it "love is blind", it'll be just the same when they ended up dead and it's nobody's fault except theirs. Real friends would help them get out of it... but no, they have no real friends who's GENUINELY CONCERNED For their welfare... so they stays in there hells, until they wised up, usually when it's too late, when they're too old and worn out, they'll never be able to make a real family with a real man who's not drugged up and stupid to boot.

Sheesh. Women really are dumb sometimes. They'll never learns that it doesn't matter when this or that person is loveable, when they're high and happy and drugged up and boozed up, they got to remember, what they do when the drugs and booze ran out and what will they do? The drug addict, the boozer, would take their money and feeds their habits... that's what. I've seen it, and I never want to go that route ever ever ever ever ever again!

I hates drugs and I hates booze, and peopole who are so WEAK that they lets these stuff rules their lives... they're lost in hell of their own making.

They forgot they have the choice to say no to drugs, and booze, and have the right to a life without drugs and booze. It's as simple as that!

Oh well.
No. It doesn't. The fossil record has gaps simply due to the erosion of time and/or our physical inability to find them all. But the biological mechanisms that control evolution? Rock solid. You should have paid better attention in science class.

What science class? I never been one for believing in what scientists say, I'd tested them, I checked them, nad I verified them, or debunks them.

I've read evolution and nothing in it tests out, it only shows THEORY, GUESSES that they thought would fits, but nothing of SOLID that would STAND on two feet and walks and talks.

Man NEVER came from apes. Just as cats never came from dogs, etc... I have yet to see SOLID proof of EVOLUTIONARY transition forms, ever! Yet scientists are fallible, they CHOOSE To follow the fantasy of their THEORIES... and the funny thing is, it all blows up when solild facts cames up, the mathematic, the physics, every branches of science backs up the bible 100%.

BeforeUs.com shows this, the best book is The Forbiddon Secret, by Jonathan Gray, and beleive me, you'll be shaken to your core, just as I was many moons ago! I rejects scientists, they're riddled with scotoma, for they choosed to beleive in the status quo of evolutionary theories, that are full of holes...

That mattters not, you can beleive what ever you want, and I beleive what I want. I know what I know to be true, this world is not what it appears to be. Whatever they taught us in schools are LIES. I dump the schools out of my system and I choose to be free-thinker myself.

Here's the thing. The nazis beleives they're superior because of this evolutionary theory, they thinks they're top of the heap, all because of that... the evolutionary theory fed the communism, nazism, and so many other harmful systems that reduced man into so many parts, to be moulded by tyrants, and the like... it's because of this that I rejects this world and everything with these so-called sciences and politics.

I believes in Jesus and His FREEDOM.

That's the way it is. I found all this out in the last few years. I am not so sheep like most people are. I go my own way, with only Jesus to guides my life and my heart.

You can check it out, here's one, Jesus-is-savior.com, great info about bad science, and cults and all kinds of stuff. It'll blow your mind!
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Banjo, you're trying to talk reason and sense to him? Dude, lost cause.

hotdefman: if you continue responding to every post on this thread, I will have it locked. It's my thread, and I really don't appreciate how you've hijacked it and used it as a forum for all your sexist and ridiculous ideas regarding women and relationships. Kindly exit this thread and do not post in it again. Thanks.