Hearing Test this Thursday

Well... that was awkward.
Basically, I was told that I likely have some difficulty separating conversations from background noise, but that the actual sensitivity of my hearing hasn't diminished whatsoever. So... goodie. :roll: (Not really though - doesn't really help my understanding in situations where I'm having difficulty, I just know that it's... I guess a problem with my brain or something? I didn't exactly expect to leave yesterday more confused, rather than less...

Capds a good possibly get tested if you can its big $$

I am simliar to you by the looks of it check out this thread Has anyone used custom earmould/plugs as a treatment for CAPD?
Just pretend you could not hear their MAX volume so you are automatically qualified for SSI. :D
I had the same problem separating conversation from the noises from my old Oticons which I felt it no longer helped me and I switched to a new stronger hearing aid since I have a severe loss now *also stable*
mine has a volume control and my old Oticon doesn't

good luck!