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Apr 18, 2004
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Hearing Speech and Deaf Center Opens Health Library - Business Wire - SunHerald.com

Last year, the Hearing Speech and Deaf Center was awarded $100,000 from health and benefits company Humana Inc. (NYSE: HUM) to support health literacy programs for the hearing-impaired. On Thursday, June 16 at 10:30 a.m. the Center will celebrate its progress with a ceremonial ribbon-cutting for a new media center.

“The media center has a public space for group training, a private library with DVDs as well as access to a redesigned website featuring links to health topics translated in American Sign Language (ASL),” said Laurie Burman, President and CEO for the Hearing Speech and Deaf Center. “The meeting room is equipped for ‘live’ closed captioning, and the multimedia library covers general health subjects, such as why it’s important to donate blood, how to handle a diagnosis for heart disease, and what to expect during pregnancy.”

In addition to the media center, Humana’s grant enabled the Hearing Speech and Deaf Center to hire a health advocate to assist the deaf community with health-related issues. The advocate is available to meet with clients before, during or after medical appointments to help them better understand their diagnosis and treatment options. The Hearing Speech and Deaf Center has also met with physicians to explain the linguistic difference between English and ASL and the cultural issues with deafness.

“Humana selected the Hearing Speech and Deaf Center as our 2010 grant recipient because the organization had plans to work on both sides of the doctor-patient relationship to improve the health literacy of the deaf community, specifically those who use ASL as their first and primary language,” said Derek van Amerongen, M.D., chief medical officer of Humana of Ohio. “The majority of the Center’s 6,000 clients are hearing impaired, and these programs will help our community reduce the health disparity for a greatly underserved population.”

As the Hearing Speech and Deaf Center celebrates its new programs, Humana is looking for the next recipient of its $100,000 grant. The funds will be awarded to one Greater Cincinnati non-profit working to improve the community’s health. Applications are available at Humana.com/HCB and are due Thursday, June 30. For more information on Humana Communities Benefit, call 513-826-4500 or email hcbcincinnati@humana.com.
This is kind of funny in a highly ironic way. There are three Hearing Speech and Deaf centers in the greater Cincinnati area and the one nearest to me currently doesn't have anyone employed who can converse in ASL. Not the audiologists, speech therapist or even the receptionist. You figure if they really wanted to advocate assisting the deaf then they would encourage their staff to consider taking the ASL classes that they offer at the main branch LOL!