Hamill the Movie Release?


Dec 22, 2009
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When is it supposed to be released to the general public?! I really want to see it, but I know only select cities have seen it already for festivals and such. I want to know what's up, I want to watch it! If you've seen it, did you like it?
I would love to watch the Hamill the Movie and the Black Sand, but I don't know if they are showing in the movie theatre or cinema. I do hope they will be on DVD which I hope will be in the stores. Just have to wait to find out where and when they will be shown. Just keep your fingers cross. :fingersx:
I could have seen Black Sand, but I had a massive amount of tests when it was showing nearby! :(

I wish Hamill would do a screening close to where I'm at, but looks like it's not happening!