Group targets local deaf


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Apr 18, 2004
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Group targets local deaf » Corpus Christi Caller-Times

In the Corpus Christi and surrounding areas, we believe that there are as many as 7,000 people who are deaf or hard of hearing. We are of all ages, nationalities and beliefs, and like people who can hear, we have different skills, interests and experiences.

The vast majority of us are good residents and neighbors — we pay taxes, and we want the same things that everyone else does: a nice place to live, a job, a family and friends, and the respect of those around us.

We hope you will take time to wave hello, even if you don't know sign language or we cannot hear or understand your speech.

Often a gesture or written words can help with communication. If we seem to need medical, police or other assistance, please DO get involved, and treat us as you would any community member.

Because of communication and proximity, people with hearing loss — especially seniors and the very young — are extremely at risk for exploitation, scams and identity theft.

The Deaf and Hard of Hearing Center provides a range of services, supports and referrals for people with hearing loss of all ages. We absolutely never go to private homes "looking for deaf or hard of hearing people" for any reason.

It has come to our attention that one or more groups are driving to the homes of people with hearing loss to "look for deaf people," to "find out about social events" and to apparently recruit for religious purposes.

In some states and cities, these actions are considered stalking and harassment. Like you, most of us do not like strangers attempting to enter our homes for any reason, especially when we are in a "group" that they target.

Several of the individuals involved have stated that they "work at the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Center."

This is not true! We do not and would not visit private homes to sell goods or information, to discuss social activities, or to proselytize! If anyone ever approaches you to ask about neighbors, someone who lives in your building or on your block, PLEASE help us to maintain our privacy and safety!

Do not give any information about us, including whether we are deaf, hard of hearing, how many of us there are, what gender(s) we are, or how old you think we might be, etc.

Get the names, license plates and any other information you can about those you see or those who approach you. Please call this information to the police and/or our agency at 361-993-1154 or email us at

Your kind actions and attention can make the difference in our comfort, security and financial safety. Everyone at the Center and in our community values and appreciates your support!