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Mike Bir

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Feb 24, 2023
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I was born deaf in one ear and got a bacterial infection in my good ear at 11 yrs. Old swimming in a local bay. My hearing has been slowly getting worse and is now almost beyond my hearing aid. I did take ASL in college but never knew anyone to use it with and now after so many years have lost almost all of it. I am married and want to meet others that are learning Asl or are proficient in Asl. I feel like I am slowly losing all communication with life.
Hello Mike! My name is Olivia, I would love to help learn together with you for ASL. I'm currently learning it too (a beginner at the moment), I'm also hearing :) Looking forward to hearing back from you
Hello Olivia!
I am very interested in re-learning ASL as I took it in community college 20 some years ago and have never had a chance to use it and I can honestly say I have forgotten most of it. Do not know how we would do this? My desktop computer does not have a camera or micro phone. But I have an old laptop that I believe does have those two things.