Greetings from Singapore!


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Aug 8, 2013
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Hi all,

I joined here several weeks ago but haven't had the opportunity to introduce myself properly until now, so here goes :)

I'm 18, profoundly deaf, and a fluent signer without any dependence on speech. My immediate family are all hearing, but all sign as well. We mainly use SEE, though I know some ASL as well. I was initially raised with Total Communication, but I was eventually allowed to convert to total reliance on sign language and written communication as it was decided that this was best.

I'm mainstreamed in a local pre-university college, studying literature, history, economics, and chemistry. Even though there are no resources for the deaf available there, I'm quite happy studying there. I joined this forum as I saw several threads that struck a chord with me, which made me decide to apply.

That's it for my introduction. Great to see you all on here!
Hello! I am would like to Skype with you to learn more about your signed Language! If you are interested please let me know!

Thanks =)
:welcome: to AllDeaf forum. I hope you enjoy reading and posting here. See you around here. :wave: