Foods Surprisingly High in Added Sugar

I have a question. Do corporations want more money because we buy lots of good-tasting food or is that that they want us to suffer from diabetes so we pay lots of money on medical bills?
I think this society as a whole seems to be run on a "crisis/problem-fixing" <health> mode as opposed to a prevention mode. Drug companies make money when people are sick and need chronic medications. Companies can make mass-produced, sugar-laden products for cheaper than less refined products; the products also have shelf longevity so can be shipped cheaply everywhere vs. something that is less refined. Nutrition is thus sacrificed for financial gain.
I read labels and look for hidden sugar sources - even most commercial mustards and ketchups have sugar <which I avoid> added to them. We have refined sugar in house for when my hubby makes his beloved oatmeal-raisin cookies but I otherwise don't use refined sugar at all.
It's pretty tough to find food that doesn't have any sugar in them, but they still have processed stuff that we don't need. And even more difficult still, for products that don't have processed stuff.

As much as I like sugar, I believe that we don't need too much of it in our diet.
yes, I agree about the processed sugar in the diet, MoonDrifter. I really avoid processed anything as much as possible - anything "white" - white sugar, flour, rice...