FDA sues Advanced Bionics Cochlear Implant maker for 2.2 million in fines for manufac

well rick my daughter was recieving auditory verbal therapy once a week for 1 hr. and we would do lessons daily with her. Besides that a teacher would come 4 times a week. and all we did was talk talk talk to her because like i said before we never signed to her. By the way , what does s&l mean? I'm sorry it might be a dumb question. So that's why we decided that signing was the thing for her since having no communication was driving me crazy.


S&L is my shorthand for speech and language, sorry. While I wish the results had been more productive as most certainly so do you, I am glad that you realize the importance of changing methods, etc. to meet your daughter's needs.
Rosie I hope all went well with the surgery... I should get the Opus 2 model with the remote anytime now. And yes I do find myself changing programs for different settings. Esp from quiet to noisy and from noisy to quiet . So the remote will definitely come in good use.