Fake or Real from Katie homles' pregnant of daughter Suri

Tom is known for keeping his life very private and it looks like he wants to keep it that way. He did the same thing with his ex-wife. Im sure Katie wants privacy so she can get used to motherhood.

Tom is willing to go public for his movies and Sciencetology but not his private live--announcing his love for Katie is an exception. :scatter:
I believe Katie gave a birth to Suri. Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are keeping low-profile on their personal things. I respect their privacy.
i'd like to chip in something-

there IS speculation that tom/katie faked the whole suri thing. rumor has it is that tom's gay so he's using katie as a beard. i've seen pictures of katie pregnant, and it did look weird (i wish i had the link but i dont). also, the birth certificate is kinda fishy. more about the birth certificate- http://www.thesuperficial.com/2006/07/10/suri_cruise_birth_certificate.html

BUUUUUUTTTTT there may be a valid reason why we haven't spotted miss suri. scientologists believe that babies shouldn't be exposed to flashing lights or anything traumatic. and paparazzi WOULD traumatize a wee baby.

can you tell- i read toooo much celebrity gossip? ;)