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:lol: I don't have dyscalculia but I have what ever it is when you can't recall nouns. I just can't remeber what it's called :laugh2:
I do have it hard to explain algebra and equations IIN physics a doddle arithmatic useless..the noun thing don't let it bother you as you construct good sentence do it matter.are you meaning split infinity. Most of us find that confusing
I do have it and it's very accurate. Thank you for posting.

This bring bad memories ! I read numbers backward and didn't find out until I was about 14 yo . So I did really bad in math in grade school , my teacher would put a math problem on the blackboard and I could never get it right . The teacher called on me b/c she knew I wasn't able to do math. She kept me after school once and told my older sister came looking for me and my b1cth of a teacher told my sister she is having a bed brought upstairs so your sister can sleep here tonight ! I hope schools do a better job in helping kids with this problem today !
I have diagnosed dyscalculia or math LD <among likely other LD's> , and the graphic was such a "YES- THAT'S IT" moment when I first saw it, so thought I'd share.
I didn't learn to tell time or count money til high school, among many other dysc.-related experiences. and various bad memories.

I don't know how to use a ruler and have never worn a watch.

I still count on my fingers.
:ty:/thanks for your comments!
Sequencing is part of the phonological loop (part of working memory) mine is affected by APD. I have a very difficult time with sequencing days of the week, months, analog clocks, directions with multiple tasks and telling stories with the events in order.
jonnyghost, i have problems with clocks as mentioned and also the multiple step - or sometimes less than multiple step- directions too-
I was tested for it at kings collage hospital London .it really do cause problem.ihave difficulty with alphabet. And music.i have heard it say if Jean music same time as math you 80% better
yes, I really do rely on the digital clocks!

earlier in the Fall I was helping my hub with some lawn clean up. I was holding a large, wide shovel designed more for brush, he was using a broom to move debris from a particular tree we have in the front yard, onto the shovel. He wanted me to me to move in a certain way and I was having hard time processing it. i heard him and it was like one-step thing but what he said to make no sense. it took a few minutes of him repeating it and showing me what he wanted me to do-

the music thing, caz- i have no musical ability at all
A friends daughter had a terrible time learning to tell time with the old analog clocks. I do not know if she ever mastered it into adulthood but did go to the digital for everyday use in a watch. This was long enough ago that I do not remember if she had the other problems you guys have posted about.
Analog clock and overall time difficulties <having a sense of time, understanding "what time something comes on tv" for example, or "5 minutes before vs after" - are all common issues with people withy math LD or dyscalculia. My personal biggest issue of those examples has been the clock thing

I remember very well -trying- to understand the whole round-faced clock concept and having absolutely NO clue, the clock might as well have had nothing on it all, or been in all Thai, for all I could reason it. I could visually see the clock and the things on it but they made no sense and no one who tried could explain to me in a way that I could understand. And I didn't know how to explain what I was missing, i always had trouble as a child with expressing all the ways in which I was having trouble processing information.