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Jul 21, 2018
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I use to come to this site years ago (when I was just Deaf) but life and such got in the way of me continuing. I read several requests from people for a DeafBlind section (I am Deaf-Blind now) and thought this was a great idea and wondered why there was none anyways. Now I have re-signed up in 2018 and ?????? Now being DeafBlind I see still no Deaf-Blind section? Why not? I find this to be very insulting and blatant segregation. Since Deaf and Blind are interwoven in so many ways in society this I would think be a no brainier. Feel very left out. Come on Brothers and Sisters its 2018 please create a Deaf-Blind section. Thanks.
Hello. I am writing a new operating system called PDOS and I would like it to support the deafblind from the ground up. Is there someone I can talk to about this? Thanks.