Deaf Community Project


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Sep 19, 2022
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I am a university student and I am currently writing an article about the impact of COVID-19 and its specific impacts on how it affected the deaf community. I’d appreciate any all all input from the community to help with this project.

Thank you!
Hello, I can help. I am new with this website but email me? How do this work lol? I’m deaf (hard of hearing with hearing aids but right now it’s broken so I’m deaf for temporary) and all I can say covid ruined deaf culture big way in orange country California, Included los angels. Even covid thing ended but deaf community slowly healing together to coming back to Starbucks meeting, or deaf night out, or such, it is small but progressive with observe with update from friends. All I hear from my friends that it’s mostly hearing waiting for deaf people to meet for their classes homework to practice to communcate but it’s been lonely since 2020 sadly. I’m worried for deaf community to be honest