Deaf boy who needs a family

I really don't appreciate your sarcasm. FYI I have friends whose kids have severe or profound issues, and they experiance stuff you really do not understand until you actually experiance it. They have told me some pretty bad things... You know, one of my friends, who is the mom of a severely affected kid says she pretty much has post tramatic stress disorder from dealing with raising her daughter. She loves her daughter....but she also has PTSD from dealing with the extreme high needs her daughter requires! This was after she posted an article about how parents of kids with autism(and classic autism, not talking about Asperger's or HFA) can and do experiance PSTD at high rates. There is a reason why there are not unknown cases of parents who snap and kill their very heavy need disabled (usually severe/profound intellectucal disability or severe/profound autism) kid. Even if you never thought that something like that could happen or that the parent could never do can and does happen!
Even if you've observed what happens or studied what happens in a classroom it is VERY VERY different actually experiencing it. I know parents who were pro life and "awwww they're killing those poor sweet innocent babies!." Then they had kids who had severe or profound intellectucal issues......Their kids were manageable when they were young, but now that they're older and the parents are older, and things are a LOT tougher (especially with the budget cuts to programs and supports targeted toward children with severe and profound intellectucal and developmental issues) the parents are now beginning to think that they're beginning to be really burnt out, and that maybe a therapeutic abortion might have been more akin to "turning off life support" on a patient with a very low quality of life. Many of them are placing their kids in insistutions or group homes, and many of them are on anti depressants and in therapy, due to the intensity and stress of raising a severe special needs kid.
Try it on your own with little/no real support. You'll soon see what I am saying. It is NOT all sparkely sweet little kid who never grows up.
I hope and pray in 5-10 years they will find a cure for kids who are even mildly mentally disabled.

That wasn't sarcasm...that was me actually agreeing with her...
That wasn't sarcasm...that was me actually agreeing with her...

i re-read your comment 4 times trying to understand what she perceived as sarcasm. There wasn't even satirical tone in the paragraph. After the fourth time reading i came to a conclusion and stopped trying before i had a stroke.
I can understand doing the Go Fund Me. Many people have the money for day to day parenting. They don't have a huge sum of money sitting in the bank. The adoptions don't actually cost what people are charged for, this is a relatively recent thing in international adoption. They used to cost what in-country adoption cost. Then they realized that desperate people will pay through the nose and corruption came in.