currently looking for CA colleges.. help??


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Feb 19, 2008
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Hi, i've been looking into colleges the past couple of weeks.

I've been in mainstreamed schools since kindergarten. before then, i was at an all deaf school for pre-k. but anyway, i am currently in my junior year of hs and i want to start visiting colleges.

i live in CA and i was wondering ... i've been wanting to major in english and be an undergrad. for teaching. i've been looking into colleges for that, but i also want to take into consideration the surrounding colleges to Deaf communities.

the reason for this is because all my life, i've been the only Deaf person at every school i attended (elementary, jr. high, and hs). i want to be able to get to know more Deaf people, i do know a few people from when i was in pre-k and a few i grew up with (but they're adults so i can't relate with them as much as i had hoped). umm... i've also been very annoyed with the people i've met at my schools. most have teased me. but a very good amount has treated me like a regular person with of course, a few exceptions. i have a fair amount of people that know ASL, but 95% don't go to school with me because age difference.

so yeah, my goal is to find a good college, whether it has both Deaf and hearing or just hearing or just Deaf, that offers English and Teaching programs and surrounds Deaf communities.

All in CA... thanks for your help in advance!
California's deaf community are mainly located in 3 cities, SF Bay Area, Los Angeles (Orange county) and San Diego. The college with the largest deaf population is CSUN. You can also look into San Diego State, UCSD, UC Irvine, UCLA, USC. In NorCal look into SFSU, CSU Hayward, maybe SJSU and UC Berkeley.
I know there deaf program in college somewhere in north of Sacramento, ca :)

Good luck,,,
fremont has a huge deaf community from what understand but no colleges really in that area but it is close to sfsu, calstate hayward, uc berkley and it is closest to sjsu
CSUN is a great option, especially if you want to major in English. Admission is really tough right now because of the budget, but Deaf people can apply through the NCOD (National Center on Deafness). There are easily 100 Deaf students at CSUN who sign, probably around 150, (the NCOD boasts 300 but that's including deaf/hoh people who don't sign and use captionists, etc).
There is a Deaf sorority and 2 very Deaf friendly fraternities, as well as a "Deaf dorm" where many of the freshman/sophomores live. CSUN also has an over 400 Deaf Studies majors, so you will find many hearing people on campus who sign as well. Most Deaf students at CSUN have grown up mainstreamed as the only deaf student like you, and most of them, (including many of my friends) love finding people with similar experiences...and love finally being able to freely communicate with everyone!

I have 2 Deaf friends who graduated with majors in English at CSUN in the last 2 years. If you'd like their email addresses, PM me and I will pass your contact info on.

If you are looking to go the community college route, Ohlone College also has a very large Deaf community/high number of ASL students. I haven't visited yet but have heard many good things.

Whatever you choose, good luck!