Common Neighbor Disputes in HOA (Homeowner Assocations)

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Jun 17, 2010
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Next door neighbor anger me during, I reported them to HOA who don't pick up dog poop on my front yard.

Later, I cleaned up on my mess walkway and driveway since, I've been violated but, resolved by HOA. So, I inspected my driveway/walkway due to storm. Next door neighbor seek revenge and called police on me. Police arrived. They question me for investigate on me as They said I'm spy and peer at their window. I told them. They are just crazy also, I'm hearing impaired. Cops do nothing on me as I'm a property owner have rights. They left.

Then, I reported neighbor to HOA. They received a notice violation letter and They get fined. My security camera installed on my window is high tech witness for easy proof. Neighbor were shaking heads then, I won case.


Police arrived (no night vision, just HDR screen for night)
Police arrived.JPG

HOA rules:

My security camera at Amazon:,aps,91&sr=8-3

Note: HOA violated me for security camera(s) without approval. I filled up an Architectural Control Committee form for approval. Then, approved.

ARC site:
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In first place, that's where I reported them to HOA rules in my community. Neighbor get mad at me.

That is why I never want to live in HOA controlled house again. I can't paint front door, can't do some woodwork in the garage (got fined once for that) .. that's it I am selling the house in 2013.
Green achers is the place for me, farm living is the life :lol: Raised in the wild by forest sprites and faeries
Yeah, I know. A lot people are scare of HOA is nightmare. They moved out to find No HOA and No ACC rules housing. Good luck for them due to Home Invasion without security gate community. (Security Gate License Plate Reader on my car for verity resident to open Gate door)

Next door neighbor came from Puerto Rico. They never learn HOA rules. Their pit bull dog is aggressive. Unleashed pit bull dog almost attack me. I reported them.

I noticed some strangers act plain clothing police officers are watching every house as they use to snapshot them with cellphone. They are HOA agents. blah
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