Closed captioning problems


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Oct 10, 2011
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I have two problems...
1st...when watching TV some channels the CC is fine. Other channels the CC is all garbled. WHAT DO I DO TO FIX THIS? Cable Company problem or my TV?

2nd...My daughter downloaded "Switched at Birth" TV show onto my IPad for me to watch on my trip. They show it has CC, but when I try to watch the CC is not there.

Can anyone help???
it could just be the channels/stations with the garbled captioning, and I don't think there's much you can do. I have that problem on my TV too with certain channels. Or the caption will be there one night for a show, and completely missing the next time the show is on.
Yep, it is the broadcasting source, not your TV. I have Comcast cable with 200+ channels (and nothing interesting to watch :lol:), and every now and then one channel's captions will be all screwed up.

It is not worth the effort to call your provider, as they will automatically assume YOU have a problem. If 100 people called to complain about the same thing, then they might look into it, but if only one person complains, they are going to dismiss it.

I am actually surprised it does not happen more often, as the amount of data on one cable in the area is staggering....internet, phone, and hundreds of TV channels all being transmitted at the same time.
It's likely the source and not your television. A lot of different channels use different layers differently. I've had the same problem for some television shows. It's more common on one channel than another. One show was C.S.I.: Miami. Sometimes, the captioning would be in sync. After a few minutes, the captioning will stop... the catch up 15 seconds later by showing everything that was said during the last 15 seconds quickly before continuing in sync. Argh!
Yeah, same thing happen to us, when watching HD channel and noticed some CC skipped, I immediately switched to SD and it run flawlessly. So, I don't know if you have HD box, you may want to try switching to SD.
Issue #2: Answer

You turn on Closed Captioning before playing movies during which you might want to display captions. The closed Captioning feature stays on until you turn it off.

1) Begin by tapping the Settings icon on the Home screen.
The Settings dialog appears.

2) Tap Video in the Settings pane on the left side of the screen.
The Video options appear on the right.

3) Tap the Closed Captioning On/Off button to turn on the feature.
The Closed Captioning feature is turned on.

4) Tap Home
Now when you play a movie with closed captioning, you can tap the Audio and Subtitles button to the left of the playback controls to turn on Closed Captioning.
Also check the video has the CC icon before downloading from iTunes.

You are welcome....Happy to help.
I remember one time we were watching a television show and a phone is supposed to be going off, to see the error "vibrator going off" on the screen. I really wondered at the time if there was a way to get "better" closed captions.