Business Project for Helping The Deaf or HOH


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Mar 4, 2022
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I am a freshman college student looking for new ways to help deaf/ HOH people in everyday life with a new product and what I have so far is a new way to wake up in the morning. All I ask is that you answer 3 simple questions:

How do you wake up in the morning currently?

How well does it work?

What are your thoughts on a sleeve with a vibration device that you can wear on your arms or legs that will buzz you awake?

Any response will be extremely helpful, thanks!
My caregiver wakes me up. It works fine. I can normally sleep through vibrations unfortunately
i used 100 watts bulb on my lamp with alarm clock to flash brighter and phone to vibrate at the same time for many years.
Nothing! I donna have any devices so wake up when I do. It sucks because some appointments have been missed due to this problem
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