Best cities for the Deaf

there's a deaf community and a service for interpreters in orlando. some schools here offer ASL classes, so there are also hearing people that can sign. :) i was getting a sub the other day from subway, and one of the workers knew sign language. :cool2:
I am wondering about services in LA for deaf people with multiple disabilities.
I loved San Francisco when I was there last month........Boston is great and thats where my Patriots and Red Sox are......Boulder is nice but no pro sports......Rochester sounds way cold. I also like Portland. Might have to throw a dart at the
hi, i had been in rochester,newyork in 1972 by the teacher whom took us deaf pupils to visit at rochester college for deaf. that was huge one. and i didnt know there is deaf cultures, must be huge.
I could care less on a deaf friendly long they hire me and don't have problem with the community, then I'm fine.
I'm from near san francisco/oakland area, there is a large deaf community or population in fremont/san jose. because fremont has a school for the deaf. i dont know if fremon/san jose is good cities but so huge mixed unsafe or safe and mixed-racial cultures,too.
Well, depend where the deaf people choose where they want to live at, sometimes their deaf friends or members of families agree or follow them to live to make small group or communtiy together. i sense that deaf people live all over as scattered the bay area of calif. north and south. thats why i dont see any deaf person in public. but church yes, or at the mall, i viewed them as i had no idea where they live from. but here locally the college has sign language class to teach im sure they're there.
also i did grew up in michigan (monroe county). there is a large deaf community in detroit area and toledo, too. i have few deaf friends live there aslo their d. friends too. they alway go to any of deaf activities such as clubs.
let see, i'm the personal feeling i want to live in safe place which is more comfort as well good or best cities which is hard to choose where at.
I could care less on a deaf friendly long they hire me and don't have problem with the community, then I'm fine.

I don't have to worry about being hired. I am retired already. Looking for fun places
Deaf-Friendly Cities in U.S.

There may be helpful info at Deaf Friendly Cities in the U.S. - if you click the 'SIGN UP NOW' link, it will take you to a 'Deaf-Friendly Cities in the U.S.' report that was completed last August. It's a 25 page report, hope it gives better ideas on what makes any city Deaf-Friendly!
When I was living in Albuquerque and Santa Fe, it seem that Albuquerque has the large population of Deaf communities than Santa Fe, I think. I have not gone back for a very long time over fifteen years. Santa Fe has a Deaf school. But Albuquerque is more popular than other Deaf communites that were scattered over New Mexico. :cool2:
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Riverside, CA, Fremont, CA are two large deaf communities. I might add, CSUN are the San Fernando Valley.