bad ecomony affect you yet?


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Apr 4, 2008
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I noticed a lot of college students left college because of bad economy.. oh boy.. :shock:

what about you?
My situation reminds me of a book I once read. It said, "I was ten when the depression hit. We didn't really notice it because we didn't have much before the depression and we didn't have much less after"
Christmas was a bunch of stuff from the dollar store for my two teens. My checking account (2 of them) have been overdrawn since November. Will it ever end????

I look at the bright side. I have the majority of my health and a family the loves me and I love them. I have the good Lord to help guide me and I'm very blessed.

Hope things are doing well for everyone else.
Oh yea..the economy has affected us significantly in little ways...but not major (not yet, at least and I hope that will never happen).
Nah, bad economy doesn't affect me at all. I am poor and will always remain poor rather than bein' rich. By bein' poor will not experience that affect. :)
Read the book called "The Secret". It will make your life change in absolutely better way.
The economy has effected all of us in more ways, directly or indirectly.

Pretty much effected anyone living in the U.S.

Aware of it or not.

Cost of living has increased dramatically.
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Yes it has had an effect. The cost of living rose so we make cutbacks to make up for it to make the money stretch.