Avatar Pictures Only!

Sweetheart said:
Anybody can have it...



number one is that monkey?? :lol:
RainGurl said:
I wanna TRY!

Maybe try use Gimp it is free. I dont know how to ouse Gimp lol I used my photoshop but now cant download on this computer which is sucks 30 GB so I have to wait for my mom's best friend's husband will get me one harddrive it have been long time soon gonna be DAMN! 4 months arghh lol :lol:
How ? ok save what you like this avatars then save as and go to User CP then click " edit avatar" then click "browser" then look for what you save as then click " save changes" that it :)

Hi, I did what you said. alldeaf said this is valid. I dont know why. sigh
You can save it in your picture file.
Then upload it when you want to in your control panel (BROWSE:)
OoOoOo!! I LOVE hearts SINCE I had open heart surgery few months ago .. thank you Sweetheart !!