Are you sure your VP number is in National Directory

wow, I had 3 numbers and only one was good. I contacted purple and they are fixing an issue. That was nice to post the site. Thank you. I had not realized that the old 866 numbers were being phased out.

I saw the router issue posted elsewhere in the forum, also in technologies.

Really, provide us a link stating that 866 numbers are being phased out. Thanks
Purple does use NeuStar National Database, too! (Zrvs does, ofc)

Here is the proven link at:

Why are some Point-to-Point calls answered by a Video Interpreter?

The answer is because the number of the person you are calling is not found in the National NeuStar iTRS database. If the number you are calling is not found in the database, you get connected to a Video Interpreter.

Why is their number not in the database?

1) The number is not a ‘real’ 10-digit local number. Only ‘real’ local numbers assigned to relay users are found in this nationwide database.

2) The person you are calling has a real 10-digit local number, but didn’t update their account information with the VRS company that gave them the 10-digit number.

3) The number is new and the VRS company may not have entered the new number in the database yet.

What should you do if this is happening to you?

Tell this person to contact the VRS company who gave them that number and make sure the number is a ‘real’ 10-digit number. Tell this person to make sure that their number is in the National NeuStar iTRS database.

Why is a 10-digit number important?

A real 10-digit number is needed for E911 services. After November 12th a real 10-digit local number is required to make relay calls.

Are Purple Local Numbers real 10-digit numbers?

Yes. The 10-digit numbers given out by Purple – Purple Local Numbers, i711 Call Me, My IP-Relay are all real 10-digit local numbers.

It has happened to me trying to reach a local friend using his 10-digital numbers but ended up with an interpreter that puzzled me. lol

That's what many vp users are really looking forward for SORENSON (and few others?) to admit their overdue to comply with their system in order for all different videophones and the local number portability to function for the equivalency's sakes.

Also you and others could use only your and others' one local number which that is registered with the national database, no more too-many local numbers for the sake.
web370 wrong
Soresnon not file a delay request. purple snappyvrs zvrs sprint want delay because ip relay isnt done.

Soresnon want deadline june 30. not dread it is purple snappyvrs zvrs sprint DREAD.

all vrs provider use nuestar nubmer database for calling other provider vp.
Number not numerous or nubmer ?