Are bowing heads required for lipreaders during meal blessing or prayers?


Oct 14, 2006
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Someone made a complaint about some, probably me, about not bowing heads, closing eyes, in a state/city funded senior center. They probably think its disrespect not bowing heads.

I have a choice, lets vote:
1- bow heads and not understand what's being said.
2- don't bow heads and lipread what's being said.
1 or 2 ?

which is more important?

I would think if the senior center's staff is protected by discrimination laws, I would think the participants are protected as well , except for age (60+ age requirement).

What is the center doing with they think everyone should bow heads?
What is the center doing when they ask participants celebrate birthdays, (sitting at birthday tables and make speeches about yourself), while being protected with religious laws.
Good question! Sometimes I bow my head but if it's a speaker saying a prayer I do not so I can see what is being said.
God, bless us. Bless our grub and beverage. Since you paid such a high price to redeem us and liberate us from evil, may you provide us a share in eternal life just as you did when you gave us a share in this food.