anyone works at VAMC???


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Mar 17, 2003
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Any of you deaf working for Veterans Affair Medical Center???
I have been working there for the last 13 years and it has been so frustrated for me since I am the only 1 deaf who works there and I have tried to call several other Veteran Affair Medical Center to see if there is any deaf workers and I haven't found one and recently I have been discrimated so I filed against VAMC and come to my shock that the judge was on VAMC side. I had some other federal investigate going on to see if I was really discrimated and they said I was and I had good case, but the problem is the judge was on VAMC side and I was so angry. I couldn't afford to leave my job so I am trying to find different federal jobs so I can transfer and get out of VAMC. I suggest you guys don't go for VAMC not good place for deaf people. They don't give shit about deaf at all. Better off finding different federal jobs like postal office or FEMA or others etc...

I am trying to hang on 7 more years then I will retired since will be 20 years damn