Another question: Are registered sex offenders allowed on here?

Not ALL sex offenders are screwed up in the head. I know a guy that had to register as a sex offender for indecent exposure in public only because he got caught peeing in the bushes late at night. He had no intentions of any sort of sexual activity. He just needed to pee and there was no public restroom available at that time of night, so he did what millions of other men have done for millions of years - he peed in the bushes. Now, he tells other males, "DO NOT PEE IN THE BUSHES!"

Very true.. the definition of sex offender varies from state to state- so you could have people on these lists that REALLY should not even be on there in the first place. I have also heard of/read stories where the registered offender was placed there because of false accusations by 'victims' (for example an ex girlfriend bent on revenge)- it's very hard to reverse that kind of damage. While I think it's a good way to keep eyes out for the true predators (not just pedophiles- rapists, abusers etc) there's still the matter of those who get nailed for things like indecent exposure (peeing in the bushes etc) or some other arrest that somehow finds its way under sexual offenses that shouldn't be.

I can't find anything that explicitly states that they can't have internet at all- that seems to be a state by state thing maybe.

here is one site I found that has a good FAQ- this is New York. Each state has their own definitions/levels as well as requirements for the registry.

Sex Offender Registry Frequently Asked Questions - NY DCJS
Are registered sex offenders allowed to be here as members?

There was a ruling last year the US government believes it is unconstitutional to ban sex offenders from social content on the internet like facebook, twitter. Right now, there are no rules on AD that does not allow convicted sex offenders to join the site and it has not been something thought about yet.

Sex offenders are classified differently by state. Keep in mind something like underage sex, serious internet trolling, being caught nude or urinating in public - some of these things can make anyone a sex offender. I know you are thinking about the serious (Tier 2-3) offenders. So, first of all please say which type so we are clear if any rules or anything is to apply to them.

The most serious offenders should be registered already. They should also be under GPS tracking in some states and other types of mandatory offender reporting that does not allow them to leave their immediate area or they can have a warrant out for their arrest if they attempt to meet someone or solicit someone into meeting them on AD.

If you recognize someone here on AD and if you believe they are in violation of their parole you should report to their state or city jurisdictions to handle it.