Annoying ignorant hearing people stories

When I went to visit a nursing home/community. When the person introduces me to an elderly and tells them I am deaf. The elderly often says, "yes I am deaf too".

I realized that when I enter old age, telling people I am deaf is going to have a different meaning.

When you're seen as being young and deaf, they're like, oh ok, they're Deaf. But when you're seen as old and deaf, they're gonna think you are deaf because of age. lol.
Yes, that is true. I have been hoh since I was a teenager and I don't like it when people think that it's because I am older now. have been this way all along!
Today at the farmer's market with husband some friend he saw - they were talking. They guy never met me before. I have no HA's so am more or less deaf (yes I am late deaf but deaf same).... Husband tells him "ya, she deaf" and he says.... (are you ready?) "Oh yeah, my great grand father married his 1st cousin and now we have lots of mentally disabled people in the family." I DO READ LIPS ya know! LOL poor guy didn't mean any harm but how offensive can you get? OMG.

I know the feeling. I was in a group at some joint and they said something to me I didn't understand. My friend told the questioner that I was deaf, and he said something along the lines of, "Well, there are dumb black people and dumb white people, you never know, and that is the way it is." I lipread that part, and needless to say, I made him really regret saying it. :lol: