6 Ways to Apologize to Your Partner After Misunderstanding


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Jan 8, 2020
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1. Not Waiting Too Long To Apologise:
The best way to apologize is to apologize as soon as possible.

There is a huge difference between saying you are sorry an hour after the offense and a week after it.

2. Show Sincerity:
When you have a clash, conflict, or fight with your partner, you need to show your partner that you will not make the same mistakes again. Most times, people understand when you make a mistake once, but their understanding evaporates if you repeat it.

3. Don’t Shift The Blame:
Do not blame your spouse for your behavior. An adult can accept that they have played a role in the problem or made a huge mistake. Your feelings and actions are your reactions.

4. Reduce Your Expectations:
In some cases, people get furious when their apology isn’t accepted right away by their partner. You cannot control how he or she responds, so get rid of all of your expectations.

5. Be Mindful Of Your Words:
Do not say something in anger that you will want to take back later. If you call your partner a name or say something mean to them, he or she will remember it later.

6. Do Not Bring Past Arguments:
If you want this apology to work, you need to stay focused on the present. Bringing up a past argument or your partner’s mistakes will only start a new argument between you two. Let the past remain in the past..