1. M

    Teach me ASL. No talking or typing.

    Hello, I am new to this forum. I am looking to have conversations in ASL only over zoom, google meet, etc. No typing or talking, just signing, please. Total immersion in ASL will help me practice. I am a beginner ASL student. My goal is to learn ASL fluently, but in the process become friends...
  2. Ambuhhlurr

    I feel like this video may be relatable for some and educational for others so i'll leave it here.

    I usually don't like the "don't say this to *insert*" kinda videos but I feel like this one is pretty spot on and addresses a lot of things and questions people say/ask to those with hearing loss and deafness. I find it relatable and thought some others would. I also thought this might also be...
  3. Ambuhhlurr

    "why would they use him and not just a hearing asl interpeter???"

    So recently my teacher became viral. During Hurricane Irma he was one of the ASL interpreter for one of the emergency conferences held by Governor Scott. He became know as the "Most animated interpreter" because he used body language and facial expressions while most interpreters don't. Some...
  4. L

    Looking for female native asl signer for video recording

    I am looking for a female native ASL signer (who looks child-friendly) for recording on video the signing for about 50 different animals (dog, cat, horse, etc). You may record with your own equipment as long as the recording is steady and the background is adequate. The recording will be used in...
  5. S

    Video chat possibility?

    Hi all. My name is Sauria and I am currently in ASL 1 in college. Part of the requirements to pass the class is to have contact time with members of the Deaf community. I hope I'm not breaking any rules by asking if any members would be open to a short video chat with me. If you are please keep...
  6. Norly Joy

    Need Help For My Animation

    Hi guys, My name is Norly and I am an animation student. I created this thread to ask for your help. As you can see, I want to create a 1 min animation where a young girl is deaf and she met this cosmic entity in her dream which told her not to give up on her ambition of being a scientist. In...