1. L

    Sign Language & the Effect of Hand/Wrist Injuries or Impairments on Communication

    I am a college student looking at the effects of everyday sign language users and hand/wrist impairments/injuries and it's impacts on communication. Hoping to increase healthcare literacy (for healthcare professionals), cultural competence, and communication and capture the experience of those...
  2. N

    Deaf Identity Survey for School

    Hi Alldeaf Forum readers! I am a student taking Multicultural Counseling within the Applied Psych department at NYU. My peers and I are looking to study and become counselors/therapists. My group hopes to get first hand feedback from this forum to learn more about how diverse aspects of...
  3. W

    Difficulties while traveling

    Hi everyone, I am Niels. I am a student from the Netherland. For a schoolproject we are developing a travelapp for deaf people. We would like to know what kind of difficulties you face when travelling or doing activities (musea, restuarant etc.) and what are you needs while travelling. With...
  4. R

    Enjoying music: Survey for the Deaf Community

    If you could answer any of the questions you want that would be amazing. Thank you!! The stereotype is that deaf people don’t/can’t enjoy music, do you agree or disagree and why? Do you personally enjoy music or do you have any deaf friends/family that does? There was a symphony where...
  5. A

    Deaf and HOH Inclusion Project

    Hellew. I am looking at Deaf and Hard of Hearing Inclusion in society for a post-graduate project. If you are either Deaf or Hard of Hearing or know someone who is, I would like to hear your experience! If you could fill out the following survey, I would greatly appreciate it.
  6. C

    Looking into experience of deaf gamers

    Hello I am new to this group, thanks for the add. I am profoundly Deaf from birth and I sign BSL. I am also a gamer and currently studying Games Development. I hope you don't mind me sharing the link to questionnaire now to help with my research for my University paper. There are BSL video...
  7. W

    Hard-of-hearing entrepreneur-to-be

    Hi everyone! I have been hard of hearing with a severe to profound hearing loss since I was a baby 35+ years ago. I grew up in the hearing world, and have had little connection with the deaf and hard of hearing community. So this is neat for me to be able to use the internet to connect with...
  8. A

    Need help filling out a survey for hearing loss and deafness.

    Hello! We are a group of high school engineering students who are currently trying to develop a hearing aid device that will turn oral speech into real time closed captioning. In order to start creating the device though, we need to gather data. Below is the link to a short online survey we...
  9. Interpretrator

    Survey Regarding Asl Literature -- Help!

    Hi everyone! I wonder if anyone here remembers me. :-) I was formerly an interpreter, then became a teacher of English in ASL for deaf college students. Sadly illness and disability ended my career, and pretty much everything else in my life (except my darling husband!). Since then I've tried...