sign name

  1. queen_lnl

    Can hard of hearing people give sign names?

    I have been speaking asl for the past 3 years, and I’m unsure as to a few sign name rules. I’ve been hard of hearing my whole life, and so has my father. I’m not deaf, but I’m also not hearing; I never really know what culture allowed to identify with. So I’m unsure what cultural things I can...
  2. Youngsterat16

    How Would You Sign "to Make Decisions"

    "i was the one to call the shots" as in: i was the one who made (my own) decisions mainly looking at the word made. is it the sign as in 'creating' something so-to0speak. with the twisting fists or something else?
  3. S

    I Need Help Writing A Deaf Character

    I'm new here, so I suppose I should introduce myself. My name is Simmy, short for Simran, and I am hearing. As you can tell from my title here, I'm a writer and I need some guidance. My friend and I are writing a webcomic. We've decided to make our main character HOH his mother is completely...