1. N

    Question-Venture Name-Course Project

    Hello! My Name is Noam (female), and I am a college student going into my second year now. I am currently in a joint course with students from a different college, that is all about innovation. As part of this course, we are required, in groups, to come up with an innovative idea to sell locally...
  2. Alisha58

    Your opinion on the word: "disability"

    Hello! This is a question that’s been weighing heavily on my mind lately, and I wanted to ask people of the Deaf community their thoughts and opinions. I will simply put the question before going into my own thoughts. Is deafness a disability? I had a conversation with someone close to me...
  3. StarsDance

    Hearing student learning asl

    Hello! I'm a student in my first ASL class. I was given a research assignment and chose the topic of hearing dogs/service dogs. I was wondering if anyone here had any information or any opinions on hearing dogs. It would be very helpful!
  4. Ambuhhlurr

    Can someone explain what a deaf person is "supposed to look like"?

    It seems like a lot of people here (including myself) has experienced someone telling them that they don't look deaf, HoH, or like they have hearing loss. I'm just curious if there is some stereotypical way people with any type of deafness are supposed to look like and how that stereotype came...
  5. Ambuhhlurr

    "why would they use him and not just a hearing asl interpeter???"

    So recently my teacher became viral. During Hurricane Irma he was one of the ASL interpreter for one of the emergency conferences held by Governor Scott. He became know as the "Most animated interpreter" because he used body language and facial expressions while most interpreters don't. Some...
  6. Ambuhhlurr

    Hearing aids and amplifiers don't work for me?

    I am HoH. The little I can hear is very distorted so I usually make use of lip reading but lip reading can be hard bc it's more like feeling in the blanks and making an educated guess to what they might be saying. The distoration does not get better even when louder. ENT said they will not help...
  7. J

    School project ... deaf opinions needed!

    Hello! I am a high schooler who participates in a science/engineering fair. Basically, we must create something. My friend and I came up with an idea to connect a voice sensor to a vibrating motor. This means when a certain word or sound is heard, the object will vibrate. We made this focusing...
  8. LadyZephyr

    Writing Deaf - Looking For Opinions

    I wasn't sure if this belonged in the General Chat or Our World, Our Culture forums and it seemed too specific for the Student and Interview threads but let me know if you think I need to relocate this discussion. Although new to alldeaf and hearing, I've spent several hours reading the forums...