hearing calling deaf

  1. W

    let’s be friends/study buddies :)

    hey, i’m wren, i’m 16 years old and i live in wisconsin. i’m currently doing asl classes online through my school, so i don’t really have classmates to practice with but i know that interacting with people that are deaf/hoh or at least fluent in asl is pretty important to learning sign. i have...
  2. W

    Introduction :)

    hello, my name is wren, i live in wisconsin. i’m hearing, and i’m currently taking sign language classes and trying to participate in forums like these to learn about deaf culture. i’m a bit of a sign language beginner but i would love the opportunity to practice and learn with someone :)
  3. MorbidCthulhu

    Boyfriend and I want help (and friends!)

    My boyfriend, Max, and I, Kennedy, are in ASL 001 in college, so we're just starting our ASL journey. He's 23 and a firefighter EMT, I'm 20 and a student. We both want to learn ASL because we want to be more inclusive with the people we talk to. Also, it would be good if we ever had deaf or HOH...
  4. Rylee

    Looking for deaf/hoh friends!

    Hi, my name is Rylee and I'm 18. I'm an ASL/Interpreting major as a freshman in West Virginia. Being from such a small state, our deaf community is tiny so I don't have the opportunity to learn from many Deaf irl. I would love to be friends with someone who can FaceTime me and help me sign...
  5. M

    Hearing daughter needs advice on service for video calling deaf dad

    Hi everyone! My wife's elderly dad is not doing very well and we're worried he might not last much longer. We're trying to get down to visit him as soon as possible, but in the mean time, I want her to be able to talk to him on his video phone. We called SorensenVRS, but they basically told us...