1. S


    I am an intern, although sometimes I am advertising, I want to make friends with you. If you have time, you can help me, just come to read my little essay, ok? just click it, thank you very much.
  2. SofiaHelena

    Hello friends!

    I just found this page and i am so glad! I am hearing and i have been teaching myself ASL for about half a year now (i haven't been extremely active since i'm in the last year of my college studies and studying ASL on the side). I have always loved learning new languages, and i am good at it...
  3. Katie Cross

    Hiya! i'm new! i'd really love to meet some friends!

    I am currently an ASL hearing student, and I am very passionate about deaf culture and sign! I hope to make friends who are willing to help me dive deeper in my studies and expand my Knowledge! I have a glide and I also speak french! Thanks!!!:party:
  4. Bella Cruz

    Need A Deaf Facetime Buddy

    I'm hearing a beginner signer looking for someone hard of hearing or deaf person to FaceTime or chat with
  5. Buddythebirdy

    Teen Selective Mute Looking For Friends

    Hi! I'm abigail, a mute as said above. I'm learning asl and dutch, slowly. Its hard to find friends that arent mute or deaf that i get along with, too many questions. I'm really nice and outgoing with a passion for learning. I have knowledge of the deaf community, im 15 and from minnesota usa. I...