1. crazytechnerd

    Tech/Non-Tech Business Idea

    I’m HoH, young independent software engineer from India and currently building saas software’s in parallel.. I’m thinking of starting the services based IT business focused on e-commerce, apps, websites and product development to outsource works.. let me know if you’re interested . Don’t...
  2. crazytechnerd

    Business Founding / Accelerator Programs for HOH/DEAF

    Hi Everyone, I'm 28yo HOH and founder of a tech company, I'm wondering is there deaf/HOH founders ever tried to apply accelerator programs like Y Combinator which is located in San Fransico, CA, how do you deal with interviews as a deaf/hoh founder like meeting for series founding/meetings with...
  3. crazytechnerd

    Deaf/HOH Entrepreneurs with their challenges and difficulties.

    Hello everyone, I'm a HOH founder in a tech startup firm, and I'm here to provide support to other deaf or HOH business owners and entrepreneurs. I understand that being deaf or HOH can come with unique challenges when running a business. If you're a deaf or HOH business owner, what are some...
  4. crazytechnerd

    Tech Startup

    Hey, Im HOH currently working as a Startup founder in tech field, I'm about to release a beta version of my software this is for digital marketing proffesionals who wants to manage clients multiple social media accounts, let me know if you're interested to join beta for free or if you have a...
  5. roycew


    Hello everyone. My name is Ms. Royce and I am deaf since 2007. I became deaf due to Menigitis. I almost lost my life. I am greatful that only my hearing was lost. I am completely deaf and I refuse to wear implants eventhough they may or may not help. I will never know. But what I do know is that...