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    Im a huge myspace freak..
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    I got a Beautiful Engagement Ring on Valentine's Day !

    My best friend lived there for some time, she said it's absolutely beautiful there. You'll have a great time there. Congratulations on your engagement and on your wedding in 3 days!!
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    Since Halloween is around the corner...

    Can't decorate til I move next Saturday to Chicago. I will probably put up some lights and spider webs. I def do want to get pumpkins and make faces on them. :)
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    Who has LJ??

    You're Cat's friend who got engaged right?!
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    21st Party

    That's where Sam lives haha, in St. Cloud.
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    21st Party

    DISC GOLF!!! My friend Sam is so addicted to that!!!
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    21st Party

    Now I really wonder who you are.
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    21st Party

    Huntingdon County.
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    I'm Back!
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    Bill 4 close captioned movies passed!

    Then what covers it? What if I have to sue? Who would I go to? :dunno:
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    Another Official Member Photo Thread (comments ok!)

    :) Those are me...enjoy em.
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    Just wondering

    Alex, I don't know if this belongs in here. But my brother's friend was working on my late uncle's house remodeling inside. When he ripped out the carpet he found a picture of my uncle. It's at least 4 or 5 years old. My uncle was killed in a car crash 2 years ago. This picture...
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    Run for Your Lives, Ivan is here!

    Oy Vey, sounds pretty crazy!!!!!!!!!!!! Hope my friend Cat who lives in La is going to be okay since her family's thinking about evacuating.
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    Bill 4 close captioned movies passed!

    Well town is so tiny, the population is only about 10,000. There's only like 5 deaf people in the area. So it's highly possible that the theater place will ignore it and go on ahead play movies without cc.
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    Icing or Cream ??

    cream is much better!