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    problems with english expression or idioms

    On my wife's side of the family, half of the deaf people are like that. I have to leave out idioms & big words and keep it simple with them, otherwise I will be repeating myself constantly. Even using idioms or big words with ASL doesn't help. My closest deaf friends are not like that, even...
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    So lonely.. don't want to know.......
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    So lonely..

    True, however, most people are social creatures and need socialization. Deaf folks like you and I have learned over the years to adapt and find other ways to keep ourselves entertained.
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    A Motorcycle Thread About Absolutely Nothing!

    Been a couple months since I was able to ride in decent weather. Took the DL out of the garage, donned my new heated liner & gloves, and rode 50 miles in the afternoon. 43 degrees and sunny today. Going to get a lot of snow on Monday, so grabbed the chance. Took these shots with my smartphone:
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    Not sure what to do

    This. Saavik: Don't take it as a personal attack on you....take it as advice. My observation: Most people who have a hard time connecting with others usually have some kind of social disorder....there are many, many underlying reasons. You are working with a counselor, which is a great...
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    How to fix jammed garbage disposal

    I assume you want to re-use the cord since you got another disposal that is designed to be hard-wired? If you really want to re-use it, use a screwdriver and force the clip out of there, then pull the clip apart....try not to cut the wire. If you do damage the wire, can cut it, separate the...
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    Deaf bros hook me up!

    Regular girls are easy??? I must have missed the memo....
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    How to fix jammed garbage disposal

    I wish my sink cabinet was as clean and neat as yours. Mine looks like something blew up under there and I never cleaned it. Anyway, those vents have a specific name, air admittance is one sample: Sure-Vent® Air Admittance Valve Are you the original tenant? If not, it is...
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    Did you know?

    You are more than welcome to watch her and I get into it. Been going on for a few years now.
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    Did you know?

    Very true, but I think that is only half the reason.....the other half is because today's generation of children do not give a crap. Parents either are too overworked to care, or as I have seen, don't give a crap either. As a teacher, you should know.....after all, how many parents showed up...
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    How to fix jammed garbage disposal

    Now that I got some sleep, I woke up and realized that I said the wrong stuff to you, went back and corrected what I said. On all disposals, the top connector is for dishwasher hookups, the second lower hole is for the drainpipe. If you remove the disposal, you can get a $4 'Y' pipe and put...
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    How to fix jammed garbage disposal

    The black flex pipe entering the top of the disposal is the dishwasher drainpipe, and it is secured at a high point. The little valve on the lower left is the dishwasher hookup. Notice the short upright copper tube? That is a water hammer arrestor, be glad you have one. Only issue I see is...
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    How may of you have had an identical thing happen to you?

    I walked by a co-worker on Monday morning, and he said "You Suck". Tuesday morning, I walked by him and guess what he said? That's right!!! He said "You Suck" again!....amazing, huh?
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    got something nice to say?

    There are many folks here that make posts worth reading. I would like to meet the following in person one day (in no particular order): Rockin' Robin Angel1989 Frisky Derek Ambrosia Shel90 AlleyCat deafdyke maybe Jiro.... Out of all the posts here, the one person that I have to give the most...
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    Who here love Metallica or Motley Crue or both and their music?

    Love Metallica. Motley Crue is ok. Metallica has been around since the late '80's, they are still young.